20 Open Top / Cat & Dog
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Cat and small dog carrier

Dimension: 48 x 32,5 x h 29 cm

AtlasOpen, the panoramic model in the Atlas range of pet carriers. Do you prefer a pet carrier for dogs and cats with a closed roof or an open one? The choice is yours! 
Your pets will travel in first class: they can eat and drink whenever they want to or they can doze on a comfortable cotton cushion. Atlas Open pet carriers for cats and dogs are comfortable and safe. They are made of plastic and can be opened from both the door and roof, which are made of plastic-coated steel. The lateral plastic fasteners ensure a perfect fit, thanks to the special locking system. 

The Atlas Open pet carrier for dogs and cats is ideal for taking your four-legged friend with you by train, plane or boat. It can also be placed on the car seat for short trips, like a trip to the vet for a check-up or for a short trip into the countryside. There are three available models: Atlas 10 and 20 Open are suitable for both cats and small dogs, while the Atlas 30 larger model is best for dogs and large cats.


  • To travel with cats and small dogs

  • Safe grip thanks to the ergonomic handle

  • Lateral grills for good ventilation

  • Easy to open top

  • Cotton cushion and feeder included

  • Assembly and knockdown in a flash thanks to side locks

  • Available in three sizes

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OPTIMA Precision Scale
OPTIMA Precision Scale
A name, a story.
Since 50 years, it takes care of your pet.
Research and development
Environment and sustainability
Ecosustainability solutions
Comfort ideas
"Ferplast a story built on commitment, ideas, innovative design and evolution. It began with a bird cage and has reached the new pet generation. The story of a company in perfect harmony with the needs of their customers, namely pets."

Ferplast, whose headquarters are in Castelgomberto (province of Vicenza - Italy), was founded in 1966 by Carlo Vaccari, 66 by Carlo Vaccari, the actual President of the board of directors after having appointed his son Nicola as General Manager of the company. For 50 years, Ferplast has been involved in researching and creating innovative, safe products of advanced quality and design to guarantee the care and well-being of pets. The company dedicates considerable investments to research and the study of cutting edge technology.

Originally established as a typical commercial enterprise of the North East of Italy, today Ferplast produces over 2000 types of products, numbers about 1,000 employees, distributes in no less than 80 countries in five continents, and has trading branches in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Scandinavia, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Russia, Benelux and Brazil and has 3 production sites, in Italy, Ukraine and the Slovak Republic.

Not only dogs and cats but also rodents, birds, fishes, amphibians and reptiles: the Ferplast range offers the most advanced solutions available for the wellbeing of each family of animals and to make the experience of sharing your home with an animal all the more enjoyable.
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